The Media: More Harm than Good?

Our country is an an extremely sensitive era in regards to racism, homosexuality, anti-semitism and a variety of other topics. People being accused of racism is becoming more of a normality, even considering the fact that racism has long been around even before the birth of our nation. It’s seeming as if it’s becoming the one and only accusation that is made, of white American’s, some having good reason, others have really no legitimacy at all. As if you turn on CNN, and the first thing you see is “ BREAKING NEWS: DONALD TRUMP IS A RACIST.” Surely, President Trump has said some racist things, things that even though they shouldn’t have been said, should have been said in private. However, isn’t everyone at least a little racist? Some just hone in on their subconscious thoughts and actively attempt to change them for the betterment of society. Everyone agrees, or at least should agree our country division is harmful and we must unite. However, the media, all networks, are trying to, and accomplishing dividing us even further. For really no particular reason, besides to keep and increase their rating. It is unfortunate that the media chooses money, over truly trying to change society for the better. The media has long been doing this, so attempting to change it, it just wishful thinking. Many people only watch one news outlet and formulate their opinions based on that. But wouldn’t it be more effective to watch all news channel, no matter if you agree or disagree, in order to come up with a more knowledgable fact based opinion? In the article Breaking the Silence by Beverly Tatum, she is a proponent of increasing the amount of race talk in our country. Sure, that is a smart move as race is a significant topic that must be discussed. However, in article, she is also an advocate of bringing up racism when there isn’t a place for it. She states we must “ break the silence about racism whenever we can… It means meaningful, productive dialogue to raise consciousness and lead effective action and social change.” Tatum is telling those that race is the main and most important problem in our society, which further  exacerbates the problem.

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