Which one is better?

For my final blog post I decided to revisit the question that kind of stuck with me during our last class. I don’t remember the question exactly but it essentially said: isn’t bad media representation better than none because it is a start? I sort of answered it in class, but I was still struggling after. And I still, sort of, am struggling with it now. So I’m determined to find an answer by the end of this blog post. My gut reaction was “no,” but then I thought that, although bad representation was obviously bad, at least actors of … Read more

Talking about race in a public setting?

Talking about race in a public setting can end in many ways. If talking loudly someone else, who might not agree, could feel compelled to give their opinion. I personally don’t think that has to be a bad thing because both parties could walk away with something new learned. Or, it could end in angry people who don’t agree to act in a negative way to you and your friends and it could get dangerous very quickly. But what I find happens most of the time, is that people just give looks of some kind and it usually makes the … Read more