What is this blog?

My students have produced thought-provoking pieces for you to consider. Please join in the conversation! As a reminder, however, note that this is an academic blog and an educational space. Please read our About page, and follow these Guidelines when sharing your own comments: Direct your comments toward the ideas, not the author. Seek to educate/engage via your comments. Imagine you are face-to-face with a real person who wrote the post and want to continue the conversation. Remember the authors …

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Look for new posts Spring 2018

Understanding contemporary racism is more important than ever. Look for new insights from students in PSY 425 in the Spring semester of 2018. In the meantime, keep up with the occasional ‘in the news’ post on our Facebook feed.

Please bookmark our new URL:   http://contemporaryracism.org

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Contemporary Racism blog. This is an academic blog authored by Muhlenberg College students who have taken Professor Wolfe’s “Contemporary Racism” seminar. We hope this blog provides a forum for an ongoing conversation with anyone with an interest in topics like contemporary racism, white privilege or colorblind ideology. Read more under “About.” Anyone is free to comment on any post. We welcome an open, controversial and wide-ranging discussion, but will be monitoring for spam and abusive attacks. Please …

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