Racism Recorded

I had very little concern about recording our podcast for the class. I didn’t foresee any problems talking with my classmates about race. I usually feel pretty comfortable in class, so I didn’t see why the podcast would be any different. Then, the day came for us to record. We sat down in the little room, put the microphone out, hit record, and everything changed. Suddenly, I became hyperaware of the fact that I was being recorded. My views, opinions, and thoughts whether they were right, wrong, insightful, or downright offensive were going to be captured, and it was terrifying. … Read more

Fostering Racism

For our final project for Contemporary Racism, we were placed into groups, asked to pick an interesting topic concerning race, do individual research, and record a podcast with our group. My group chose to look at racial disparities in the American foster care system, a subject about which I had no prior knowledge. At first, I was uneasy about choosing a topic that I knew nothing about, feeling as if my unfamiliarity would provide me with some sort of handicap.  However, in retrospect, the experience was a very appropriate way to conclude my time in Contemporary Racism; it allowed me … Read more

Talking About Race

Talking about racism is not an easy task. It’s taxing, and draining, and it can feel like an uphill battle. Though, once you recognize the injustices in the world and you learn the ways the smog of racism has infected us all, it’s difficult not to feel a pull to try to help people right the wrongs in their thinking. It’s hard not to try to make people understand they’re thinking untrue, biased things of groups of people, that many others are thinking those things too, and that the targeted groups of people are suffering for those biases. It feels like … Read more