Is History Something to Sing About?

This past week was the premier of the live re-creation of “Hairspray” on TV. The movie revolves around a mother, daughter pair that go through their typical ups and downs during the ‘60s. In addition, it revolves around a TV show that stars students, primarily white except for one day a month which is titled Negro day. The movie tackles the ‘60s and the difficulties between whites and blacks and the acceptance of those of color as being apart of society just as much as white individuals. I have seen the movie hundreds of times, and have memorized every song; line and dance move but not until this past week did I really analyze the movie for what it is. In no way are the characters showing implicit racism rather extreme explicit, overt racism.

History as we know it, tends to repeat itself so if we are moving in the direction we are than where is the hope in moving forward. Every few steps forward, we take even more backwards. Looking back into the history of the ‘60s reminded me of many of the papers we have read this semester and made me question, are we seeing a reappearance of these same issues? Maybe not to the extent but we surely are. In addition, it made me rethink how the election will affect our history today and if it repeats itself, what will our country look like? Will we be segregated to the extent in the ‘60s; will there be backlash?

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  1. I also did not have the realization that Hairspray could potentially be problematic until this past week; however, I guess that is saying something positive, since as a child I was still able to notice the wrongness involved with “Negro Day” and and the politics of racism expressed in the show.

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