Sep 072014

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Jul 072014

Originally published March 17, 2014 The recent literature in social psychology and other disciplines is clear: colorblind racial ideology is a harmful way of viewing the world. By ignoring both the material disadvantages faced by people of color and the implicit racial biases that influence decision-making, subscribing to colorblind racial ideology leads people to ignore the realities of racism in modern America and thus oppose policies that would address racial inequalities. In a recent class, we discussed how some white people who subscribe to such an ideology will go to any length to avoid mentioning a person of color’s race. This avoidance occurs despite the fact that, in all likelihood, this person is thinking about the person of color’s race. Research has shown that people who practice this kind of avoidance are perceived by many people of color as more racially biased. The solution to colorblindness, then, is color-consciousness, which …click to read full post

Jul 072014

Originally posted February 24, 2014   While stumbling around the internet this week I came across two articles that made me stop and think, this can’t be real. The first one that I came across was about Jeopardy, which on the night of 02/17, had a category called “African-American History.” The panelist were all white college students and they avoided the topic to the best of their ability. Reading the comments under the article, to which they are all mostly twitter posts, I was so confused. They have to teach something other than how important Martin Luther King is to Black History, but then I realized, growing up I myself I barely knew what it really was…and I’m black. I realized that between my European parents and my predominately white schooling there was no room for me to learn the importance of understanding what it meant to be African-American …click to read full post

Apr 142014

I recently read some news that made me think a little more critically about authority. On the Highlands Today newspaper website they said that as of this week the officers of Lake Placid Florida would began to wear camera’s attached to their uniforms to video record their interactions with civilians on duty. This means that their patrolling, arrest, and other things that they do on their daily rounds will be recorded and under review! This initially made me happy. It made me think of the countless amounts of times where police violence was used specifically on Black people. And then how those cops got a slap on the wrist and/ or got off in court because of “not enough evidence” or some other excuse that was used to hide the system’s main purpose of solidifying the white supremacist mindset it was founded on. But then I thought about it a …click to read full post