White Privilege Also Means You Can Choose When To Be White

White people are a boiled potato of culture – which is wild when considering the amount they’ve worked throughout history to spice themselves up (literally lol). By this, I mean that white people get to be nothing. They’ve convinced us they are not a race or an ethnicity in the same way other races are. They’ve othered themselves so much that they’ve convinced us white isn’t a color. If they were a number they’d be zero because just like in terms of race, everyone fights over if it is part of that category.

Because of the labor put into making sure white people aren’t definable, there is a rampant unending bout of white people deciding to Disney-movie-makeover themselves into other races. They fill their speech with AAVE, claiming it as “Gen Z speak,” fill their lips and butts with filler to look fuller, or tape their eyes to slant them to make their cosplays of anime characters look more “authentic.” But at the end of the day, they can get out of speeding tickets. White boy Jake with the chains who slings the n-word around more than the Black people around him won’t get 10 to life. If anything, he’ll probably be told to “take her easy out there” by the cop who pulls him over.

It’s a white person’s favorite hobby to pickpocket other cultures and get all dressed up in their newly thrifted looks and it’s completely socially acceptable. What are other ways whiteness consumes?

2 thoughts on “White Privilege Also Means You Can Choose When To Be White”

  1. As said in this post, the problem with Whiteness is that it allows White people to dabble in every culture they want to free of charge, without having to face the consequences of not upholding their own. With this in mind, they do things such as culturally appropriate, and since there is no real culture surrounding Whiteness, they don’t have to face the fear of being ostracized by their own race, since there’s no culture to uphold.

  2. Whiteness consumes every aspect of our social reality, because our society was founded and exists for whiteness. Whiteness doesn’t need a White individual for it to seep into our daily thoughts and interactions. However, Black culture does need Black individuals to be present in abundance in order to create a manifestation of it to counter “Whiteness”. In a society made for White individuals, as the social “counter”, Blackness is the only place where Whiteness isn’t present. So, the better question is when doesn’t whiteness consume?


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