Do Expectations Affect Athletes’ Performance?

Someone who plays a sport and his constantly toted as the star player on their team always tends to perform at a higher level than the other players on the team.  This is probably largely due to talent, but I feel as though being told “we’re counting on you” and “you are our best player” can create a self – fulfilling prophecy with that person, helping them perform better.  If that player were to go play on a different team with completely different players who didn’t necessarily see them in the same light as their previous teammates, wouldn’t that player … Read more

The contributions of the N-word to Modern Racism

Some of you may have heard about, or even watched, the ESPN special on “The N-Word” that was shown on Outside the Lines.  The hour long special invited influential African American athletes to discuss the word and its meaning, as well as younger student athletes.  Bob Ley stated that the purpose of the special was to: “have an honest conversation about this word, which is on the third rail of American society.” He added: “We’re going to try and bring this to American living rooms, and American dorm rooms and American bar rooms and American dinner tables in a way where … Read more

Missed opportunity

Our discussion this past week, regarding the Lipstiz and Adams article, made me think about different moment s in our history, where if the proper steps had been taken, the fight against oppression for minorities could be much better off. The Federal Housing Act of 1934 is a good example of a chance that was squandered to aid in this uphill battle.  This act, as described by Lipsitz, put the credit of the federal government behind private lenders to help fund loans for homes in America.  Racist criteria in confidential documents blocked many loan requests by black people, resulting in … Read more

Richard Sherman Interview

  I had brought this issue up in my journal entry and thought that it would be a topic that maybe some would like to discuss.  Some of you may be familiar with Richard Sherman’s interview with Erin Andrews after a NFL playoff game a few weeks ago.  Sherman came off as very egotistical and arrogant to the public because of the words and tone that he chose to use.  All forms of the media blew up with different responses.  The most intriguing responses to this interview, and the most relatable to our class, were found on twitter by several … Read more