We Want A Black James Bond… But Is That The Most Productive Fight To Be Fought?

There’s been a great deal of controversy these past couple of years about the future of the James Bond film franchise, a favorite among movie-goers who are into explosions and tuxedos.  Current Bond actor Daniel Craig is poised to put down the 007 mantle before long, and of course a new Bond needs to emerge in his wake. When an email between Sony and Columbia film executives was leaked in 2014, fans of the franchise learned that British actor Idris Elba was being considered for the role.  Many fans of both Bond and Elba rallied around the idea, supporting the … Read more

Is Acknowledging Differential Media Treatment of Black Americans and Other Minorities “Anti-Black”?

As a lover of comedy and a sometime dabbler, the past few years have given me a new hero: Aziz Ansari. In addition to emerging as an influential feminist, Mr. Ansari has made a name for himself one of the country most prolific comedians- having produced four stand-up specials, co-authored the book Modern Romance with sociologist Eric Klinenberg, starred in the majorly successful Parks and Recreation while accepting roles in other television shows and films, and created and starred in the Netflix Original Series Master of None in just the past few years. Master of None is my focus here. … Read more