Color-Blind Education

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about color-blind ideology and how it affects our school systems. It is interesting to think about the fact that some educators endorse this color-blind ideology and can not see the potential negative effects it has on children. When I think back to my experience as a child, I try to remember how my elementary schools teachers approached students of color. Unfortunately, it is not something that I can remember very clearly. Which then makes me wonder if I cannot remember it because they used this color-blind approach. Whenever I think about color blindness … Read more


Ever since starting this class I consistently think back to the movie Crash. I first saw Crash when I was a senior in high school and instantly it became one of my favorite movies. This movie is filled with racial stereotyping and prejudice. Not only does this movie display examples of the racism among black and white people, but also the racism among Latinos, Koreans, Iranians, the rich and poor, and so many more. What I found to be so attention grabbing about Crash was the fact that every single individual who was a victim of racism, was also guilty … Read more

Racism Takes Center Stage

Recently, I remembered a video I watched last semester in my Developmental: Inclusion/ Exclusion class. This video was from ABC’s What Would You Do; this video includes both a white and black actor who are stealing a bike from the park. Both boys have multiple different forms of equipment to remove the bike from the locked bike rack, both boys are wearing the same type of clothing. The only difference about these two teenage boys is the fact that one of them is white and one of them is black. As I mentioned before, this took place in a park … Read more

Racial Discrimination; Not a Thing of the Past

“There is someone who will suggest that racism is a thing of the past” (Tatum, 123). Whenever we discuss in class that people truly believe that racism is a thing of the past and that there is no more racial discrimination I find it to be mind-boggling. Today, there is still stereotypical images of people of color on the media, there is still discrimination within communities and articles written about racial biases. In my opinion, the people who believe that racism is truly a thing of the past are not paying attention to everything that is happening around us. It’s … Read more