A Sobering Experience

WARNING: extremely offensive, racist language is used while quoting someone else (as well as cursing) A few weeks ago, I was hanging out with a few friends and acquaintances – we were talking, laughing, and having a generally good time.  We were sitting in a circle of various couches and chairs surrounding a coffee table.  Then, someone at the party (let’s call this person J) got a text from another friend saying that a third friend (we’ll call this person Z) wanted to drive but had been drinking and would not listen to anyone who tried to tell them not … Read more

Annie is Black!

I just heard that Annie is being remade and was very excited to watch the new trailer.  Although I think Annie is not the best or most interesting musical, it has a happy ending and the songs are easy to sing along to.  However, I was even more excited to see that Quvenzhané Wallis is playing the part of Annie!  She is an extraordinarily talented actress, especially at such a young age.  After a quick search on the internet, though, I found (unsurprisingly) that not everyone else is happy about Annie being played by a Black girl.  Here are some examples … Read more

An Attack on Richard Sherman

I enjoy watching football every once in a while, especially when my favorite team – the Giants – is not sucking.  Even though they weren’t playing the Super Bowl this year, I watched a little bit of the game and saw when the Seahawks won.  I missed the very short interview that Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman had with Erin Andrews (a Fox News sports reporter), though, which was also apparently very news-worthy.  Although the clip was extremely short, a frenzy erupted from it.  Andrews asked Sherman, moments after he blocked the 49ers from scoring a touchdown (which helped his team … Read more

What Would You Do?

I recently watched a video from the What Would You Do? reality show about a black woman harassing a white woman because she is dating a black man.  (You can watch the video here)  The scenes were filmed in Denny Moe’s barber shop in Harlem.  The black woman (Rachael the barber), white woman (Kristen the girlfriend), and black man (Gabriel the boyfriend) are all actors and the premise of the show is to see how unsuspecting people will react to difficult situations. The first person who speaks out is a black woman (Denise) who says she is “not bothered” by … Read more

The Majority vs. Minority vs. Other Minority Race (pun intended)

A friend shared another blog with me recently, called Black Girl Dangerous, that I believe has a lot of posts and discussions related to this class.  One post (the link is at the bottom) called “Broke on Broke Crime: On Black and Brown Living and Unity,” written by Kitzia Esteva-Martinez, discusses her personal experience being mugged at gun-point by three young boys in her neighborhood.  Kitzia identifies as Latina and identified the three boys as Black in her post.  She discusses her mixed feelings about the event: she felt angry at the boys for mugging her but also angry at the “white … Read more