Spending privilege

Recently I was on imgfav and saw a picture that was asking why doing something like calling a white person worthless is mean, but saying it to a black person is racism. I think people forget that racism is about power. It is about a majority oppressing a minority. It’s hard to remember sometimes because it’s easier to see oppression than privilege. This is why people who try to fight racism often end up in the trap of doing it to “help the poor minority”. Its hard to accept that you have privilege, that you are gaining something from the … Read more

I’m not racist but…

http://thoughtcatalog.com/anonymous/2014/01/im-not-racist-im-just-not-attracted-to-black-men/ This a link to an article written by a white gay man explaining why on his Grindr profile he has selected the options “white whites only”. In this article he uses a lot of color blind rhetoric. He talks about how he has black gay friends as proof that he isn’t racist. The article goes on to talk about how he hears his black and Latino friends talk about how the even in the gay world there is a normalization of whiteness, and how its hard for them to find partners. He however talks about how that isn’t an issue … Read more

If we look for it.

Recently I came across a Humans of New York post about an elderly black man who talked about how far the issue of racism has come and how proud he is at the change. I tended to think that the older generation were the ones who still saw racism in places where the younger generation might look for another reason. Which has brought me back to the question which generation see racism most prominently? Is it the older generation who saw serious segregation, our parents generation who rose up and started to see true change or is it our generation … Read more