Who are They Really Surveilling?

I recently read some news that made me think a little more critically about authority. On the Highlands Today newspaper website they said that as of this week the officers of Lake Placid Florida would began to wear camera’s attached to their uniforms to video record their interactions with civilians on duty. This means that their patrolling, arrest, and other things that they do on their daily rounds will be recorded and under review! This initially made me happy. It made me think of the countless amounts of times where police violence was used specifically on Black people. And then … Read more

The Oscars

Recently the Oscars took place. From John Travolta’s hair and speech mishaps to the anticipation and sort of letdown of Leo not winning another golden statue, it was exceptionally entertaining. But, arguably the most entertaining thing about the Oscars this year was the host Ellen DeGeneres. She started and ended the show like a true champ and even though she did things like break twitter with one picture and order pizza for cinema’s most elite, what struck me most was her comment about 12 years a slave. In her beginning remarks Ellen says, “Possibility number one:  12 Years a Slave wins … Read more

Cultural Appropriation or Racism

While on another blog (tumblr.com) I read a post by blogger whitepeoplesaidwhat that really interested me. It reads as follows: “My culture brings all the Whites to the yard. And they’re like, “I’m taking what’s yours, Damn right, it’s mine and not yours! Want it back now? K fine but we’ll have to charge” There are many things I like about it. I like that it is blatantly saying that White people have knowingly taken minority cultures (our essences in many ways)  and are only willing to give that culture back to those people for monetary gains. Even more than … Read more

How Do You Use Social Science to Adapt to Racism?

Martin Luther King’s address at the APA’s Annual Convention in 1967 featured many points that he wanted to make about events from the Civil Rights Movement to the Vietnam War. His main goal, however, was to address this audience to let them know that the social sciences had a place in this fight too. By saying statements such as “Social scientists…are fortunate to be able to extirpate evil, not to invent it” he is suggesting that changing the laws to favor equality was not the only way in which our society needed to be improved. Dr. King stressed the importance … Read more