Survival of the Fittest

Acts of omission and collective ignorance creates the socio-cultural atmosphere in which racism thrives. In class, we discussed that “the system” is something that does not just happen out of nowhere. Reality isn’t just there; it is socially constructed. If the system is built, then in theory it should be able to be destroyed and rebuilt; however, I feel that the unity and cooperation amongst individuals that is required for such a transformation is nearly impossible. We have created a system based on values that the first settlers came with. The morals and values of today are much different than they were in the past and many conflict with the “system” that has been created. The American society values independence and works on a system of meritocracy; however, due to values and morals changing, and increasing, there are conflicting ideas about how “the system” should be and which system is more effective.

In the past, the survival of the fittest was a much more dominant value; where as now, equality and taking care of each other has become a very prominent value. There is the goal of decreasing racism, and creating a country in which everyone is given equal opportunity with these “new” values. Currently whites are at the top of the ladder for power. Those with power and influence do not want to give up the power they have and become invisible within a society. It is within our nature to thrive to succeed, as explained in the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest. I do not really know how to say what I mean without it sounding completely racist. I think the system should promote equal opportunity; however, I do not see how that is possible if “the system” has already deemed that whites have more power within the U.S society. What white person whom evidently has more power within the society will be willing to stand up and fight to give away power? These are the acts of omission that feed and fuel racism and power differences within the U.S society; however there is no way to change these natural instinct to fight for your own individual success. I do not believe that whites will ever be capable of giving up this power. Even if it were possible, would this not only promote racism against whites? There will always be a level of power that exists among the individuals within a society. Is racism and equality attainable within the U.S?