Does Black History Matter

Originally posted February 24, 2014   While stumbling around the internet this week I came across two articles that made me stop and think, this can’t be real. The first one that I came across was about Jeopardy, which on the night of 02/17, had a category called “African-American History.” The panelist were all white college students and they avoided the topic to the best of their ability. Reading the comments under the article, to which they are all mostly twitter posts, I was so confused. They have to teach something other than how important Martin Luther King is … Read more

Institutional Racism on college campuses: I, too, am Harvard The article above was introduced to me recently by one of my friends. While I was going to write about something different this week, this article captured me. Entitled “I, too, am Harvard” you see a preview of a photo project from 21 students of color who attend Harvard university. Each is holding a black dry erase board which dons a common phrase that they often hear and has in some way effected them. Thinking about what we have been talking about in class I realized how much of the quotes I heard, or been through. While I … Read more

Is Prejudice Inevitable?

After reading the Devine article I became increasingly curious with the idea of  how inevitable prejudice and racial stereotyping really is in today’s society. In Devine’s article she states “Inhibiting stereotype-congruent or prejudice-like responses and intentionally replacing them with nonprejudiced responses can be likened to be the breaking of a bad habit” (Devine, P.G. 1989). There are many people who are under the notion that we live in post racial society; but as we have talked about in class there are still cases like those of Travon Martin and Jordan Davis that show us that racial issues and prejudice are … Read more

Stand Your Ground

After reading the articles that were assigned this week I found myself becoming increasingly mad. I know it is our second amendment right to bare arms, and that it is the person behind the gun that has ill intent not the inanimate object itself. I still tend to find myself in utter disbelief at the sheer ignorance of certain individuals in this country, and their definition of “self defense” against people of color. Certain laws like the stand your ground law that Florida has, leaves a large window open for people like George Zimmerman to use any excuse to pull … Read more