Blackface – Demeaning or Disgusting? #YouDecide

Models Sophie Applegarth and Julie Iovenitti dressed up as tennis players Venus and Serena Williams for a Christmas party through the use of blackface.  “There is nothing racist about backing [your] favorite sport stars,” Applegarth and Iovenitti said in defense.  Later, Applegarth put out a statement saying that they had no intent to be racist when they put these outfits on. Blackface has always been a contested issue in the United States. When these girls decided to smear their body with brown paint, they made the decision to perpetuate black stereotypes dating back to the 19th century. Although they though … Read more

Nick Cannon…in Whiteface?

A few days ago, I came across this article about Nick Cannon in Whiteface on the website Jezebel. At first, I wasn’t even sure that it was Nick Cannon. Then, I kind of hoped that it was some weird joke or botched Photoshop job. Neither turned out to be true. Turns out, it’s a promotion Cannon was doing to promote his new album: “White People Party Music”. Apparently, his White alter ego is named Connor Smallnut, which is a weird choice that I’m not even going to begin elaborating on because I wouldn’t even know where to start. However, there is a … Read more

Blackface or a black face?

Black face costume


Gawker: Julianne Hough Makes a Very Bad Halloween Costume Decision


The comments are the most interesting part of this gawker post.  One commenter said,

“Its not blackface if you are doing a certain person. It is a black face.”

Another said,

“Exactly. Intent is everything here. Black face was racist because it was racist in practice. Dressing up as a black character isn’t racist unless it is offensive and is meant to be racist. Dressing up as a black character you admire isn’t racist, it’s a compliment.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Is intent everything?