Blackface – Demeaning or Disgusting? #YouDecide

Models Sophie Applegarth and Julie Iovenitti dressed up as tennis players Venus and Serena Williams for a Christmas party through the use of blackface.  “There is nothing racist about backing [your] favorite sport stars,” Applegarth and Iovenitti said in defense.  Later, Applegarth put out a statement saying that they had no intent to be racist when they put these outfits on. Blackface has always been a contested issue in the United States. When these girls decided to smear their body …

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Nick Cannon…in Whiteface?

A few days ago, I came across this article about Nick Cannon in Whiteface on the website Jezebel. At first, I wasn’t even sure that it was Nick Cannon. Then, I kind of hoped that it was some weird joke or botched Photoshop job. Neither turned out to be true. Turns out, it’s a promotion Cannon was doing to promote his new album: “White People Party Music”. Apparently, his White alter ego is named Connor Smallnut, which is a weird choice that …

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Blackface or a black face?

Black face costume


Gawker: Julianne Hough Makes a Very Bad Halloween Costume Decision


The comments are the most interesting part of this gawker post.  One commenter said,

“Its not blackface if you are doing a certain person. It is a black face.”

Another said,

“Exactly. Intent is everything here. Black face was racist because it was racist in practice. Dressing up as a black character isn’t racist unless it is offensive and is meant to be racist. Dressing up as a black character you admire isn’t racist, it’s a compliment.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Is intent everything?