Modern Racism

I found the chapter Old-Fashioned versus Modern Racism very interesting because I think that it portrays how racism is expressed most often today. I thought it was interesting that Modern racists consider racism to be open feelings of hatred of towards the minority group. I think that this is an idea that is held by quite a few people and they do not realize that there are many other forms of racism.

The article also said that modern racists disguise their racism of a certain group by saying they have negative feelings towards anyone who violates what they believe are traditional American values. I think that this idea fits racism as well as many other social issues. People like the traditional American values because they are safe and powerful. When a group or an individual disrupts traditional values, there is the possibility that the the traditional values that are important to the majority could change. Instead of thinking that there might be a problem with the traditional American values, people blame the group that is going against the norm, and having the ability to say that anyone, not just a minority group that goes against traditional values is not a good person is a safe way for them to continue having racist feelings.